About Me

Hi, I’m Kristy, so glad you’re here!

When I’m not working in marketing by day, you can likely find me sleeping in on a Saturday morning, walking most evenings, and sipping onย tea in between. I love ice cream in the summertime, cold days spent reading under the covers, and catching aย sunset whenever possible.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a need to be creative. As an only child growing up, I was usually busyย working on a craft project or inventing a story. My love for writing and curiosity for life carried into my college years were I studied communication and film, and then attended graduate school for journalism. I’ve taught college courses, written for publications, and freelanced for several organizations.

In our busy lives, it can be a struggle to make room for creativity. But that creative craving doesn’t go away. You may have a passion for writing words, designing, painting or photography. It’s a desire to process and interpret the world around you in a way that tells a beautiful story.

If you feel a calling to create there is a reason. Keep going after it and see where it takes you! I hope you’ll joinย me as I work to do the same.