A Quick Getaway

It may look like I forgot to post a trip from over the summer, but this is not a mistake! Yes, it’s two days before Thanksgiving, and just yesterday I was at the beach. I made a quick decision to meet my cousin and her three year old son while they stayed in San Diego. I was able to take the day off work last minute and I hit the road in the morning. I don’t remember the last time I had such a refreshing, head clearing day!

The nearly two-hour drive went by in a flash as I sang to good music and enjoyed the beautiful view heading down the 5 freeway. When I arrived we immediately stepped onto the beach outside her bay-side room (at this resort). We sat for a while and chatted while the little guy played in the sand. We all took a walk on the shoreline which curves around the large bay. No one was around except a few rowers and paddle boarders.

Soon after we grabbed some lunch at the outdoor restaurant, and then it was time for the little one to take a nap. While he was winding down, I walked around the resort and visited the gift shop, then later met up with my cousin.  We resumed our spot on the beach while he napped for two hours in the room. There was nothing to focus on except the conversation at hand while looking out at the water. It was pretty heavenly.

Once he woke up, we walked around the resort choosing which of the five pools we would dip into that evening. After some swimming we stopped and made s’mores at one of the fire pits. The evening sky was gorgeous and I was able to capture a few snippets just as the sun was setting. I drove home happy, tired, rested and fulfilled. It was the perfect timing, and I’m so grateful for the quick escape to reset!

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